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Andrew Halliday



Prior to contacting Kas & Alex i had done my own keyword research thinking it was a good start. I'm so glad i hoped on a call with them as they have saved me so much money in pointing out faults in my keyword research plan. I have used other content agencies in the past but Authority Wall aren't just a basic content agency they truely understand how to rank websites!


Mads Singer



Kasra helped me break through the authority wall the correct way. By performing an audit on my website he very quickly was able to tell where i had been going wrong. Since using authority wall for my keyword research & content plan i have reduced the cost of unnecessary articles which has saved me so much money every month!


Adam Bennet



I have used Authority Wall to help scale out my website to 60k oraganic hits every month. I couldn't have done it with Kas & Alex's approach when it comes to keyword research and planning content they are no match, They aren't just content agency they look at weak areas of your site and improve the site as a whole.

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1. Strategy Call With Our Team

Speak to our strategy advisors, discuss what you want to rank for and what keywords you have in mind.

2. Our team will put a strategy in place

Our team will then get to work and put together a war plan for your website to completely dominate.

3. Follow up call

Our team will the invite you on a second call to dicuss how to grow your website further.

Frequently Asked Questions

Authortiy wall is the process of writing the correct amount of articles in which Google establishes you as an authority in the niche.

Every website needs an good quality content talking about the subject at hand. So if you want to rank for "Best running shoes" then you need to cover the topic in it's entirety. Your website needs to become the GOTO resource about running shoes. Running shoes for women, Running shoes for kids, Running shoes for flat feet etc etc

Your website starts to rank for a lot of keywords, Only 1 out of 10 people we speak to have broke through authority wall.

This solely comes down to the niche you are trying to rank in, If you are a trying to rank for a generic subject such as "Best TV's" you will need a lot more articles talking about TV's mainly because there are hundreds of new TV's released every year. So it comes down to the subject, how frequently new items come into the space etc.

Most likely no, If you have done your keyword research yet you still don't know what articles need prioritising then you are going to burn alot of money very quickly. You need to understand which articles need to be prioritised and uploaded to your website first. You also need to be using various tools just using aHrefs for your keyword research isn't going to cut it.

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